Matrx Libra: Further success in clinical trials


Matrx Libra: Further success in clinical trials

Matrx® Libra is Invacare’s flagship wheelchair cushion which won the Harding Innovative Product Award in 2015. This very high-risk positioning cushion is now further supported by clinical trials and independent clinical studies, which provides additional and compelling evidence of the cushion’s effectiveness.

Clinical studies now available
1) An assessment conducted by the faculty of medicine evaluating health changes in reference to different postural support systems

2) Compilation of pressure maps from 10 volunteers demonstrating the cushion when new and aged performing better than standard reference foam

3) Investigates the effects of the Matrx Libra cushion and compares with the individual’s previous seating cushion in a long-term care environment

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Matrx Libra’s award-winning design is further endorsed by the countless success stories across Europe, proving how this innovative modular positioning cushion is the product of choice for thousands of Invacare customers.
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For further details on the Matrx Libra including product details, knowledge banks and clinical guides, please contact your local Invacare Territory Manager.