Respiratory care

Respiratory care

Portability and Performance with Invacare’s Respiratory Care Devices

Respiratory care devices are a vital component to improving the quality of life of people who need assistance in maintaining adequate levels of oxygen. Advancements in this field have come a long way, giving individuals autonomy and control over their everyday lives, without the need to spend prolonged hours at home, in bed or reliant upon bulky machines and cylinders.

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With Invacare’s family of oxygen concentrators and compressors, and a range of accessories, individuals can maintain a varied and active life. As pioneers in the production of oxygen concentrators, our respiratory care devices have become a reference in the field of oxygen therapy. We pride ourselves in designing and developing a range of innovative and efficient respiratory care products that enable individuals to regain their independence.

We offer a selection of ambulatory and stationary solutions that adapt to individual lifestyles. Portable oxygen concentrators, oxygen compressor and cylinders, two-sized stationary oxygen concentrators, and a variety of accessories are available to our customers, ensuring adaptability for their needs.

Our Range of Oxygen Concentrators and Compressors

The pulse flow technology in our latest portable oxygen concentrator, Platinum Mobile, offers five individual pulse setting positions to ensure that it caters to a variety of clinical patient needs. The device has been designed to fit the lifestyle of patients who have chronic respiratory illness and has been built to withstand intensive use in varying indoor and outdoor conditions.

The HomeFill II oxygen compressor and cylinders is yet another portable solution from Invacare. The system allows individuals to safely and conveniently use, carry and refill their respiratory care device, which provides them with peace of mind, knowing that their oxygen tank can be refilled at home and reused as much as they want. The HomeFill II provides an unlimited supply of ambulatory oxygen without a delivery cost, in an intuitive and safe refill process, thanks to the OxyLock coupling system.

Invacare also offers 5L and 9L stationary solutions. The 5L Perfecto2 V oxygen concentrator provides ultimate performance in a discreet product, featuring optimal power and sound management systems. The Perfecto2 V model is the economic member of our top stationary concentrator line and offers cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. For users with higher flow requirements, the 9L Platinum 9 combines performance with intuitive and safe use, at great value.