Training duo increase skills of over 1000 customers per year

Renowned for hands on practical training, Invacademy is firmly established as the “must attend” programme for Retailers and Healthcare professionals, and has trained around 1200 of our customers each year.

Training is carried out by our technical training manager Jason Jones who has been with Invacare for over 23 years. Jason aka ‘moto Jones’ often jokes “cut me in half, and I’ll be blue” and has extensive knowledge and expertise across the Invacare product range which, combined with his charismatic Welsh charm, is why our Invacademy courses are so successful and popular.

Demand has increased significantly and in hand, our training team has grown with the introduction of our training assistant Nick Damjanovic who joined Invacare in November 2016.

When asked how the ‘training duo’ tend to start a training session; the team unanimously reply “with my Invacare hat fully on” to provide attendees with the full educational experience. Each training session helps participants improve their understanding of technical, clinical and product based topics with a specific focus on our product range.

Our Invacademy courses have seen trainees travel from all over the UK and even across Europe to receive the acclaimed Invacare training certificate.

With demand nationwide, our team is dedicated and motivated to deliver a high quality service. In fact, it’s not a rare occurrence for Jason and Nick to travel out of hours to get ready for a training session - with their Invacare hat fully on – no training job is too big or too small.

Invacademy has become a well-established training academy over the years delivering “success through excellence” from its highly acclaimed, COT accredited Impetus course, to comprehensive Invacare products with our charismatic team - there’s a reason we continue to see some familiar faces time and again!

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