Height adjustable beds explained

When selecting a bed, ensuring that the height is suitable is very important to provide safety and comfort whilst getting in and out of bed. As mentioned in our previous article, most electric profiling beds have height adjustment as standard, however there is an increasing emergence of ‘low’ beds that offer lower entry height to assist with self-transfer and to provide enhanced safety.

What is a height adjustable bed?

A height adjustable bed has a frame that can be raised and lowered electronically via a handset. These controls, which also operate the movement of the bed sections, are linked to low voltage electric motors that increase or reduce the overall height of the bed. Some electric profiling beds also offer the option of double height positions on the bed ends to allow the mattress platform to be attached at a lower height closer to the floor, or to achieve a higher overall height for taller carers.

What benefits can adjusting the height of the bed provide?

The capability to lower and raise the height of a bed can offer benefits to those that use the bed on a day-to-day basis, and their carers.

Setting the bed to the correct height is particularly beneficial to those with limited mobility as this can help when getting in and out of bed, especially for those who can self-transfer into a wheelchair. The function can also be used to assist an individual in achieving a semi-standing position. Reducing the height of the bed can also offer increased security against falls due to the position of the bed being closer to the floor. Some beds offer a very low height, such as only 21cm, from the floor and when used with a padded mat at the side of the bed can offer greater protection from injury. For example, those who are prone to leaving their bed unexpectedly at night. Accompanying the low height of the bed with padded mats is particularly useful for when a bed is used without side rails. 

Raising the height of the bed to an ergonomic height is particularly useful for carers as it allows them to care for their clients at a safe working height, therefore reducing their risk of back strain and associated injury.

(Medley Ergo Low - Lowest height position)

How much can the height of a bed be adjusted by?

The height adjustment capability of a bed can vary significantly between models. Invacare’s range offer minimum height as low as 21cm and maximum height of 82cm depending on the specific model. 

A breakdown of the height adjustability distances offered by Invacare’s beds:
Medley Ergo: 400 – 800mm / 330 – 730mm
Medley Ergo Low: 280 – 680mm / 210 – 610mm

Etude Plus: 400 – 800mm / 330 – 730mm
Etude Plus Low: 270 – 670mm / 200 – 600mm

SB755: 350 – 820mm
SB755 Wide: 350 – 820mm

Octave: 400 – 800mm

(Highest fixation point / Lowest fixation point)

For more information on Invacare’s range of beds and the height adjustability that they offer, please click here.