A Guide to Bathroom Accessibility

Help and support in the bathroom and toilet

Using the bathroom for various personal hygiene needs is a part of everyday life which can often be taken for granted by those who are fully able-bodied. However, it’s not always so simple for those with disabilities that affect their mobility and independence. Some people may require assistance in activities such as using the toilet, getting in and out of the bath or even having a shower.

Fortunately, there’s an extensive range of independent living and mobility aids which encourage provide support, impacting quality of life positively.
  • Shower chairs
If you have difficulty standing for the duration of your shower, a shower chair could be the solution. There is a selection of shower chairs for you to choose from but the best fit often depends on your home environment. If you have a wet room or level access shower, you may consider a mobile shower chair or if you have limited space, a static shower chair may be the right product for you. A more permanent solution is a wall mounted chair which can be attached to the wall and easily folded away when not in use, ideal for when other members of the family need to use the same facilities.

All shower chairs can easily be cleaned with a simple wipe down and all aim to reduce or even eliminate the extent to which you have difficulty when showering.

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  • Bath lifters
Getting in and out of the bath can require a relative amount of effort, but more so for those with limited mobility. Battery powered bath lifters are designed to offer comfort, safety and reassurance to those most in need of support as they bathe. Bath lifters can ease you in and out with a touch of a button, minimising the level of difficulty in manoeuvring and reducing, or even removing, the need for a person to assist you.

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  • Toilet seat raisers
If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to support your own weight when getting on and off the toilet, you may benefit from a toilet seat raiser.  These products are designed so that you won’t have to descend as low when using the toilet, reducing the strain on the lower body and knees. These specialised seats can be padded for extra comfort and are available in a range of heights.  Some even come with integrated height adjustment that you can decide on when fitting the seat to your toilet or integrated arm supports to allow you to use your upper body to help you get on and off the toilet with ease.  

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