Get creative, have some fun and try out some wheelchair-friendly games

Gone are the days when individuals who use wheelchairs were unable to participate in games and physical activities with their friends. Aside from the average board game, there are many wheelchair-friendly games to be played individually, with friends or with the whole family. To name a few:

Musical chairs

There’s nothing like music to uplift and motivate you! Gather your friends and line up some flat objects on the floor, one less than the number of people. Each participant should circulate around the line and when the music stops, whoever isn’t situated on an object will be eliminated and so on.

Obstacle course

Get outdoors and set up a fun and exciting obstacle course somewhere with hard ground, perhaps an outdoor court for easy rolling. The obstacle course could consist of scattered cones and objects guiding the participant to the end of the course by manoeuvring in between cones and picking up objects along the way. The course could end with a ball for the participant to shoot through a hoop. To get some extra excitement out of this activity, get friends involved and team up or race each other.

Wheelchair racing

If you have friends who also use wheelchairs, race each other through either an obstacle course or find a big open outdoor court and simply race them to the finish line. Alternatively, get others involved and have them push your chairs. That way you can leave the work to them and simply sit back and enjoy your way to the finish line – either way ending with a cheer!

Ball games

How about a game of piggy in the middle? Practice your catching skills with friends and family or invest in a basketball hoop and work on your shooting skills.


Colour-in books have been going for years but their entertainment purposes are endless. Gather your friends, get creative and colour in your own wheels with the new Action 3 Junior.

Sports activities

Following the continued success of the Paralympics, it’s no surprise that the range of wheelchair sporting activities is extensive. From wheelchair football to wheelchair dance and ice-skating, you have many opportunities to get involved and get active.

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