Stronger together – Invacare supports the RCOT’s #LiveNotExist campaign

On 13th July 2017, the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) will be publishing a new report: ‘Living not Existing: Putting Prevention at the Heart of Health and Care for Older People’, that will highlight the value of occupational therapists in social care.

The report will demonstrate the great work that Occupational Therapists perform in delivering long-term benefits for individuals and will also recommend how they can proactively intervene within primary care moving forward. It will also be accompanied by a powerful film highlighting the stark reality of being dependent on social care.

To coincide with the launch of this report, the RCOT will be running a ‘#LiveNotExist’ campaign across social media to help promote the report and the work that Occupational Therapists perform in helping individuals live, rather than just exist. To help generate awareness, the professional body are looking to utilize the power of social media by asking their supporters to share a one-time message that will promote the report across various networking platforms. 

As avid supporters of the RCOT, and prompted by the Royal College’s appeal to “help tell the world”, Invacare will be pledging their support to ‘#LiveNotExist’ across all their social media platforms. Speaking about the campaign, Invacare’s Product Specialist Ashton Evans commented:

“With the focus Invacare’s Safe Patient Handling team have on providing products that support independent living in the community, we recognize how assistive equipment and the valuable work of Occupational Therapist’s combine to Make Life’s Experiences Possible. As a result, we are thrilled to be pledging our support to the campaign by sharing the RCOT ‘#LiveNotExist’ message on our platforms”.

Keep an eye on your social media feeds at Midday on July 13th to witness the messages of support for Occupational Therapists. To find out more about the ‘#LiveNotExist’ campaign, and how you can pledge your support, visit You can also keep up-to-date with all of Invacare’s Safe Patient Handling news on and via the team’s Twitter account, @InvacareSPH.

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