New Invacare Spectra XTR3 delivers more

Invacare’s market leading Spectra XTR2 has just stepped up a level, offering more choice and more style with the all new Invacare Spectra XTR3 - leading the way with personalisation as the key.

Now offering more choice, our customers can select from 42 colourful aesthetic combinations. Consisting of two frame colours, three rim colours and seven shroud colours, including the all new Grasshopper Green and Sunshine Yellow. It features quick and easy to unclip shrouds not only providing easier access and protection to batteries but can also be changed to a different colour.

It delivers 25% more range with its smooth, quieter motors giving customers confidence to get out and explore. With its 50Ah gel batteries as standard it remains first in class.

Spectra XTR3 sports the ‘highly commended’ Modulite seating system, offering seating set ups from comfortable and basic all the way through to highly complex. With Matrx cushions and backrest systems for postural support, now offers customers a comfortable, supportive and functional seating system. The new black non-marking tyres combined with black front castor forks help to keep the styling fresh and modern.
Invacare LiNX technology combined with the spring suspension system offers unrivalled drive performance and enhanced control all while improving comfort.

About LiNX technology

Invacare LiNX is our most technologically advanced control system that learns over time to bring a revolutionary driving experience. With its modular design, this futureproof system can be seamlessly expanded and tailored to complement changing needs.

The Simply SMART control system allows programming and maintenance updates to be made wirelessly in real time via Bluetooth – makes the Spectra XTR3 one of the easiest powerchairs on the market to review real time diagnostics and programming, which makes servicing and maintenance simple.

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