LiNX Wireless Power Wheelchair Programming - What's the big deal?

Invacare Linx simply smart power controls

Invacare LiNX has revolutionised the way in which power wheelchairs are programmed. By programming wirelessly via Bluetooth, healthcare professionals can tweak and modify programs “LIVE” while the power chair is being driven!

There are a number of benefits to this innovation:
  1. The whole process is quicker and more interactive. Clients can feedback on the changes in the power wheelchair’s performance as they experience the changes in real time, in turn ensuring the perfect drive profile can be created for a 100% personalised experience!
  2. Programming can take place in any environment, again ensuring the perfect performance solution is reached.
  3. Driving a power wheelchair for the first time can be a daunting experience for some. Utilising the wireless programming capabilities of LiNX the system can be carefully softened so all speeds and accelerations are extremely gentle. As the client’s confidence and ability grows so the program can be modified “LIVE” to make subtle changes to enhance the driving experience.
Since launch the Invacare LiNX control system has received phenomenal feedback, and is leading the way in power wheelchair controls.
See the LiNX power wheelchairs here;   Outdoor/Indoor  or the Indoor/Outdoor range


NEW 10 Way Switch available with LiNX from January!

Adding to the freedom and performance of the LiNX control system is the new 10 Way Switch. The simple to use switch input allows actuators to be motioned while the client is still in drive. An example benefit this brings is accessing seat tilt while driving – this will allow the client to tilt the seat back while descending a gradient, or tilting the seat down while ascending. The client will experience a smooth journey with a consistently level seat whilst ensuring the traction of their power chair is optimised at all times.
Another Simply SMART reason to choose Invacare LiNX!

Invacare LiNX 10 way switch

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