Invacare’s revolutionary new LiNX control technology continues to evolve with the addition of an exciting new app called MyLiNX, designed to give consumers greater insight and information into the ‘status’ of their Invacare SMART powerchair.
In an increasingly connected world with SMART devices on the rise, the company has successfully closed the gap between technology and disability equipment with the development of its app. Extensive research was undertaken based on case studies and feedback used from over 170 consumers who use a power wheelchair. MyLiNX has been designed around four key areas; clarity of information, increased confidence when out and about, provide on demand advice and quick access for support.
The app uses Bluetooth technology to connect the LiNX control to any smart device such as a smartphone, iphone or tablet. It will send data from the powerchair directly to the app where information such as battery charge, drive time, system faults and much more is displayed.
This clever app will also highlight faults on a powerchair and can suggest remedies to correct them.  In the event of a fault not being resolved, a service provider can be contacted directly through the app either by phone or email. In addition, a photo of the fault can be sent directly to the service provider giving better information to help resolve issues quickly.  This can dramatically reduce powerchair downtime and significantly save on call out charges.
The MyLiNX app is suitable for use with all LiNX enabled Invacare powerchairs and available for both Android and IOS devices. It’s free to download from Google Play or the Apple store.

For more information see our dedicated LiNX microsite

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