Invacare Storm4 Xplore with TT

Why you need i-custom?

We understand that in certain circumstances adaptations to our existing range are required to produce a more individual  specification to meet a client's requirements.
We offer a bespoke service designed to provide practical solutions and advice for special modifications.
Our experienced and knowledgeable team means that we can offer a wide range of modifications, and deal with your requests quickly and efficiently. We offer a full evaluation process to ensure the modification meets your needs.

For these orders the i-Custom Special Adaptation Team is available!

Next Step
To request a quotation you will need to supply us with as much information as possible. The more information that can be supplied, the easier and quicker it will be for the request to be assessed and responded to:
  • Product
  • Relevant Client Details
  • Contact details
  • Sketches
  • The adaptation required
Contact a member of our i-custom team on 01656 776222