Case studies

Invacare case studies

With the right product selection, our products can make a difference to the lives of individuals improving everyday function and well being.

Nathan Stephens

Nathan Stephens is a 25 year old Paralympic athletic who recently represented Great Britain in the London 2012 games. On his ninth birthday Nathan had both legs amputated after an accident on a railway line.

Case Study Nathan Stephens.pdf

Liam Dwyer
Liam Dwyer has been using a wheelchair since 2007, having a slow form of Motor Neurone Disease and spending anything from 10 to 17 hours a day in his power wheelchair
 Case Study Lliam Dwyer.pdf



Shannon & Erica

Both Shannon and Erica lived full and active lives until in August 2004, the girls were in an car accident that left them paralysed. After months of therapy, they were able to get around in a manual wheelchair but required additional postural support.  

Case Study Shannon & Erica.pdf

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